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An afternoon at the travel expo

Since four years ago, I have been fond of the travel expo. I get various opportunities by going there. At one time, I won several raffle prices like a stay in a hotel.

This weekend, I was able to buy a ticket to Corregidor for P1,000 that includes buffet lunch and a package tour. My friends and I also scouted for the best package for the trips we were planning this year.

Little did I know that this year, it will be the Shanghai Expo. I was so excited when I learned about it.

I also got several brochures and maps! I hope that I will eventually visit all the continents in this lifetime.

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Blocking out, taking in

I was commuting in Metro Manila's thoroughfare, riding a jeepney to the mall. Across my seat was a couple that were so caught up with the music from their ipod. They didn't hear me as I passed on my fare to them.

I also had an ipod in my bag and I couldn't muster the energy to take it out and use it. I looked outside the jeepney and took in every scene that passed my eyes. I listened to the noise of the traffic.

Then, it struck me that one of the reasons why I didn't want to use my ipod was because I wanted to take everything in. Usually, I'd listen to music while in a waiting room, like in an airport, or inside the mall. But while in transit, I would often let my senses in full alert so I wouldn't pass up any opportunity to experience my environment.

When I travel, I want to feel everything -- watch the colors and the scenery, even facial expressions; feel the breeze and the sun; smell the trees or the smog. Before they are converted to photos and journals, I want to digest the experience and let it sink into my memory. That way, pictures and words come alive as I reminisce every travel adventure I have.

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Review: First-time in Guangzhou Riverside Youth Hostel


I’ve never experienced hostelling until I went to Guangzhou, a city in the southern part of China. I thought it would just be another small hotel, or an inn, for that matter. I didn’t expect that there was entirely something different with the experience, particularly with youth hostelling, which I never realized till I was in one. In short, a was a first-timer in hostelling.

Hostelling, in my view, prior to the experience, was just a cheap way to stay in a place, with dormitory-type rooms. For travelers who only look for a bed to lay their head for a night, hostelling might be a likely option. So, here I was with all my notions of hostel, but what greeted me took me by surprise.

Still with New Year decorations, the reception was very welcoming to guests, particularly to those who arrive almost midnight. That was me and my friend. The receptionist, a Chinese guy with glasses, conversed with us as if we were his long-time friends. Some backpackers were at the lobby area, tapping on their laptops or warming themselves with a bottle of drink to ward the chill off. The lobby was like a residential living room, better than the dormitories where I lived when I was still in the university.

Our room had twin beds, a television set, and a clean bathroom with hot shower. Not too far from the amenities of hotel rooms, and better than inns where I’ve stayed in my other travels. In fact, it could compete to some hotels which charge a higher price.

For three nights, we paid about just P600 (around US$12-15) each per night. It was truly affordable.

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